Andy Lothian

CEO, The Insights Group.

"Paul is an outstanding consultant, leader and coach. Together we have talked through some of the biggest issues and opportunities I have faced in my business as well as in my professional and personal life. He has supported my thinking, encouraged my commitment and decisions and challenged me to be all I can be. He is considered, compassionate, expert and committed. Paul holds up a mirror for me, and asks truly wonderful questions to help me see beyond whatever issues I am mired in. He helps me keep the promises I make to myself. I have worked with many coaches and consultants from around the world. Paul ranks among the very best. He is a truly world class professional, and a very special human being."


Michael Laing OBE DL

CEO, Laing the Jeweller

"We all want to achieve our goals and find happiness, success and satisfaction in our lives. As our challenges and distractions increase, it is helpful to have a skilful mentor, someone you truly can really trust, to help you find the best route and actions to your solutions. 

I feel very fortunate to have found and worked with Paul Pinson of Brightspace. Having worked with Paul through Vistage CEO groups and 1-2-1 sessions, I think he’s the best and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

He is understanding, honest and an insightful guide who will challenge, question and support you in your quest."



Jo Macsween

Managing Director & Haggis Ambassador, Macsween of Edinburgh

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul for over five years during which time he has been both my Coach and Chairman of my wonderful Vistage group.  Paul has many brilliant qualities and right at the top of the list is his very high levels of emotional intelligence.  I feel I can discuss anything with Paul and be sure that I will be heard empathically and compassionately.  He helps me see my situation afresh, providing fresh insights and unblocking barriers.  Key to this is Paul’s ability to listen very intently and his careful judgement about knowing the right moment to challenge and to help me see my blind spots.  With Paul’s support I have made much better business decisions and feel far more empowered to let my potential shine more brightly. "

Peter Russian

Chief Executive, Investors in People Scotland

"I have thoroughly enjoyed and valued the support that Paul has given me. As a result of his 1:1 coaching, facilitation of a group of local CEOs and the speaker programme he has put together, I would reflect that this has been the most important and valuable leadership development activity I have undertaken for many years."

Dean Hunter

Founder, Hunter Adams

"I have worked with Paul as my executive coach over the past 18 months. As an owner/manager of a fast growth HR consulting firm its great to be able to step back and think things through strategically and I have no question that Paul’s experience and style have helped me to become a better leader. Paul knows the right questions to ask to make you feel challenged – I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to genuine grow as a leader. "

Marie Owen

CEO, LS Productions

"I have known and worked with Paul over the last 5 years and I can only say it has been a pleasure.

Not only has my time with Paul helped me to realise the full potential of my business, it has also, and perhaps more importantly helped me to realise the full potential of myself, developing strategies for that all important “work life balance” which has benefited positively both of these areas of my life.

Paul is a joy to work with, he’s kind and empathetic as well as being focused, driven and ambitious and I think these combined skills makes for a very special person indeed.

If you are looking to achieve great things, Paul is the guy for you."

Keith Anderson

CEO, Port of Leith Housing Association

"Over the past 3 years Paul has been a superb coach (and Chair of my Vistage Group), helping me clarify my personal ambition and goals for the business I run. With both great humour and humility, Paul has the uncanny habit of getting to the root of an issue, supporting me to face into addressing the challenges I need to overcome."

Scott Walter

Assay Master and CEO Edinburgh Assay Office

"Paul has played a pivotal role in helping me understand that it's often the questions that I'm not asking myself that unlock the most significant gains in my own personal effectiveness, personally and professionally. 

Paul has helped me become more aware of my own, well worn, emotional responses to life's little challenges. Awareness is the critical first stage in transforming performance. If I were to sum up my one to one sessions with Paul with a single sound effect, it would be the sound of a penny dropping."