Positive, lasting change

My work is creative, intuitive, insightful and challenging. It’s about evolving your self-awareness, alerting you to your possibilities and creating enhanced performance.


consider: where are we? where are we going? 

clarify: what do we want? 

create: how do we want that?

Vital questions for any ambitious individual or company. At brightspace I can help you answer them.


I have a simple purpose: to help successful people and successful organisations become even better, and achieve positive, lasting change & behaviours for both themselves and their teams




Leadership Coaching

Working with individuals to help them become even better at their jobs and achieve their desired professional and personal goals

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Open Heart Surgery

“What we leave behind is not what is in engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others” Pericles

As leaders how do we inspire ourselves to be the best version of ourselves, and in turn inspire others meaningfully?

This immersive, experiential session (presented either as a Keynote or a workshop) discusses the critical questions at the forefront of your mind

– a deep exploration into how we show up and what might just be possible for us.

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